AirPods Pro update brings Spatial Audio support and more

Apple has released a new firmware software update for their AirPods Pro headphones, the update comes with the firmware number 3A283 and it brings some new features to the headphones.

These features include support for Spatial Audio and also Automatic Switching, you will need iOS 14 for these two new features to work, this suggests that we may see iOS 14 sooner than we thought.

Some readers of MacRumors have been testing out the feature and you can see what they had to say about it below.

Just tried out spatial audio on my iPad. Very cool! The illusion of the audio coming from the ‌iPad‌ is so convincing that I actually thought at first that the sound was coming from my ‌iPad‌’s speakers. Had to take an AirPod out of my ear to confirm I was really hearing it from the ‌AirPods‌ themselves. I would really like to learn more about whatever dark magic Apple is using to pull off this illusion!

Previous rumors have suggested that Apple will launch iOS 14 in October along with the new iPhone 12 handsets. With this new feature added to the AirPods Pro this week, it could suggest that iOS 14 may actually launch this week, I guess we will find out later.

Source MacRumors


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