Slite modular, collapsible electric guitar

Inside a small 4” x 11” x 18” travel case is a full scale guitar. The Slite is built with standard proportions somewhere between the size of a Les Paul and a Tele, with a 25.5″ scale length, C neck profile and 9.5″ fretboard radius. “Unlike other travel guitars, the Slite makes no concession to playability and ergonomics to allow you to carry your guitar everywhere.”

Early bird ledges are now available from €1,548 offering a 30% or €650 discount off the recommended retail price. Worldwide shipping is expected to take place during March 2021 and the Slite electric guitar can be dismantled down to 5 parts to be stored.

“We imagined the Slite six years ago to fulfill the personal need of transporting a functional guitar everywhere everyday. We wanted to do things differently and more efficiently from what has already been done regarding folding guitars, short and ultra short scales, digital guitars and more, to expand the functionalities of the guitar even further, without compromising music creation.

The electric guitar hasn’t really evolved since the fifties, with most brands only reissuing variations on a few selected models each year. Most guitarists play on a classic setup with their guitar and a small amp, very often with a few to a dozen effect pedals to gain in versatility and obtain a better sound. This generally makes this setup hardly transportable and hard to maintain.”

“The Slite uses a unique standardized pickup size that can house almost any guitar pickup type or size, unlocking endless possibilities with the same hardware. The pickups are mounted on a cleverly designed magnetic base to allow for lightning fast pickup change without needing any wiring, manual connection or fine tuning.”

Source : Kickstarter


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