Twiddlesum unique interactive real-time calculator

Liomaflo based in the United Kingdom has return to Kickstarter to launch their fourth project in the form of the Twiddlesum, a unique interactive real-time calculator, built to encourage children to learn maths or to enjoy as a novel desk gadget. You ‘read’ Twiddlesum in the same way as you would ‘read’ an Abacus, but without having to count the beads – it’s instant, and the equation is laid out in the traditionally written way.

“Once ‘you get it’, it’s very quick to read and a great way to understand the concept of ‘Tens and Units’. Multiplication from the ‘1 times table’ up to the ’31 times table’ (e.g. 31 x 31)! * Addition up to 99 Plus 99 Subtraction up to 99 Minus 99 – Division up to 99 Divided by 1 – The maximum result is limited to 999, which is plenty for even ‘high achieving’ early learners.”

Specifications :

– Average Power: 250 mW (1/4 Watt)
– Supply Voltage: 5 V USB Power
– LED power: 6 mW maximum (Eye-safe levels of light)
– Auto turn off after approx 12 to 15 minutes when connected to a USB power bank.
– Keep-Alive circuit suitable for most USB power banks (prevents the power bank from turning itself off after 10 to 20 seconds)
– Made in England
– CE and Proposition 65 Compliant

“It doesn’t need any further ‘marketing’ or ‘theoretical learning psychology’ to see how the Twiddlesum could be a highly effective educational tool, fun to use and a great talking point. In addition, you can see how this may make the maths teacher’s tasks a whole lot easier (especially for maths homework that parents always dread).”

Source : Kickstarter


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