Nomad Rugged Strap for Apple Watch

Apple accessory makers Nomad have unveiled their new Apple Watch strap in the former of the aptly named Rugged Strap, designed for the latest range of Apple Watches unveiled yesterday by Apple. The Rugged Strap by Nomad is constructed using FKM. A high-performance fluoroelastomer used in demanding applications in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Nomad chose FKM for its light weight and flexibility, allowing them to create an “uncompromising modern design”.

“Unlike low-grade rubbers, FKM will not sustain damage from high temperatures, exposure to sunlight, or chemicals. FKM is also resistant to oils, allowing it to easily wipe clean after any adventure.”

“Designed to give your Apple Watch a modern, rugged look for daily wear – or on your next adventure. Rugged Strap is constructed from FKM, a soft yet strong fluoroelastomer that combines all-day comfort with lasting durability. We carefully designed Rugged Strap’s ribbed interior and micro-textured surface for all-day comfort. Contours on each end allow the strap to naturally curve around your wrist for a comfortable fit, and molded loops securely hold the end of the strap in place.”

The Rugged Strap is available for both black and silver hardware and is now available to purchase in 44, 42, 40 and 38 mm sizes priced at $49.95.

Source : Nomad


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